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Oct 14th '12
Quoting ♡Sarah♡ + 2:" OP, I'm sorry its come to this but you are making the best decision. No one should have to endure any kind of abuse. I wish you the best."

could not agree more

KissMeFinnNelson<3 1 child; 2 angel babies; Glasgow, Scotland, UK, United Kingdom 5419 posts
Oct 14th '12

I've never read such inexperienced, immature and irresponsible comments in all my life. Advising a woman to stay in a abusive relationship, how absolutely disgusting! You state Marriage is hard and people shouldn't just walk away well I've been with my Husband 9 years and let me tell you it isn't always easy and life isn't a bed of roses but I have never ever once experienced any type of abuse from him and if I did I certainly wouldn't stay. There is a big big big difference between hard times in a Marriage and abuse in a Marriage!!!!!! Having the cheek to tell other people on here they are making themselves look stupid, the only person on this topic that looks stupid is you. The fact you say you condone verbal abuse but not physical also shows your lack of knowledge on this particular subject also and makes you kook even more ridiculous. You start of by telling a woman to stay in a abusive relationship, subjecting her children to this mental and emotional damage also then when people ask you simple questions you cannot even conduct yourself in the conversation, get real.

To the OP you are doing the right thing, be strong and make use of the support people offer. Good luck to you in these times.

Damien*Dex*Jaidyn's Momma 18 kids; Pennsylvania 1535 posts
Oct 15th '12
Quoting Nyla&Carina's Mommy:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Moody Momma:</b>" Take your kids and run! They don't need brought ... [snip!] ... . I think they can work it through she just needs to get to the root of his a*****e behavior . There's two sides to every story"

I have been in an abusive relationship. want to take a guess how it started? the name calling and telling me I was shit. If he won't do anything about it then why she should stay?