normal??? Paula Cutright 2 kids; Melvindale, Michigan 38 posts
Oct 13th '12

so my son is almost 2 months old....
and i still havnt had a period. (not BF, but i did have my tubes tied with csection)


Christina2011 17 kids; Salem, Oregon 1674 posts
Oct 13th '12

Totally normal. I only EBF my son for 2 months then his pedi made me start supplementing with formula and he started preferring bottle over breast and since then only BFs at night. He is 6 months old and I just got my first PP period 8 days ago.

Damon's Mama 1 child; Kingman, Arizona 1403 posts
Oct 13th '12

My son is getting close to being 5 months and we only EBF for 2 days then mix feed for 3 months. He is FF now and I still haven't got a period.

Allissa Specht 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Essexville, Michigan 5736 posts
Oct 13th '12

My ob told ne yesterday that after having my tubes ties during my csection I may not have periods anymore. Idk?!