How do... *Tara Teller* 3 kids; Kentucky 1234 posts
Oct 13th '12

You make a siggy? Like is there a website or comouter program you use??


GetMeoutofAL 2 kids; Get me out of here now!, AL, United States 1083 posts
Oct 13th '12

I use photoshop, but I know a lot of people also use GIMP.

AngelGabriel'sMama 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 2103 posts
Oct 14th '12

Get kits and use Gimp.

♥ Jessi ♥ 2 kids; Alaska 23137 posts
Oct 14th '12

You buy & download kits, which I have idk how many! I had to get an external hard drive to put them all on!
And I use photoshop, I used other programs in the past before I had PS, but with photoshop you can do animations & cut outs, edits, etc.
I tried using some of the free programs but none of them were as easy as the program I use now!!