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Oct 11th '12

Well I went in for my check up. I had to wait 7 weeks instead of 6 because the Dr was on vacation. No biggie. I go in for my appointment and the nurse asks me what I am there for. Even though they should know, I tell her because I know sometimes they get busy and forget to write stuff down. I explain it is my PP check up and I am supposed to be getting an IUD.
She then proceeds to try to set me up an appointment for the IUD, to which I reply with a quizzical look and ask why. Well apparently he doesn't do them at this clinic, I would have to drive an hour to his other clinic to have it done. I don't understand why they didn't tell me this information when I scheduled my appointment 7 weeks ago. I can't afford to make a two hour trip and I also can't wait much longer because my insurance will expire. Luckily the nurse is nice and calls the local Health Dept and schedules me an appointment for the Paragard. I just have to wait til the 16th. I was so ready to have this done today and get it over with.
Well the Dr says he'll go ahead and do my pap for the check up portion. It lasts all of 5 seconds insert speculum, swab, and out the door. I mean he didn't even look around and check anything. So I guess I glad he isn't doing my IUD if he doesn't even care enough to check me.
-End Vent