Mami Ana 2 kids; Tallahassee, Florida 3599 posts
Oct 12th '12
Quoting Kaysay:" Absolutely they would, and it is a really common way people handle guilt. It's trying to approach something ... [snip!] ... talk to him about it. There's probably a good chance he was just joking, but just tell him his comment threw you off guard."

I have known a few people to try to pick fights, or drop hints or flat out be careless on purpose. They want to tell someone what they are doing, yeah cheating is a shitty thing to do and people do feel guilty while they are doing it. Even though it's not enough to stop them from doing it. Some guys don't have the guts to break it off so they want you to figure it out, they want you to have a reason to leave.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2 kids; Toronto, Ontario 1984 posts
Oct 12th '12
Quoting Mama MacGyver*:" Sounds 100% like something my DH would say, obviously joking."

same, sounds like a stupid joke.

Norah&Ellie's Momma Due June 25; 2 kids; Kentucky 4190 posts
Oct 12th '12
Quoting Kiss Kiss Bang Bang:" same, sounds like a stupid joke."

I agree. Worst "joke" ever. :? But we are getting along okay and he stopped acting weird. Maybe he was just in a bad mood.

babygirl1026 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Tennessee 736 posts
Oct 12th '12
Quoting Mama MacGyver*:" Am I really the only one who has this kind of a joking trusting relationship with my DH? lol... I went ... [snip!] ... be everywhere!" When in reality I know he was sitting on his ass eating pizza and playing video games. Maybe it's just us..."

No your not the only exact same way with my DH.