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Oct 10th '12

It has been a week since i had my baby.
I think my anxiety kicked in the 3rd day.
My Husband kept having visitors over everyday when i just wanted to relax!
Now that I am home, I just keep wanting to cry. I am so emotional!!!!
Mostly because I don't want 1st child to feel left out.
I feel like i love her more now, i spoiled her before, but i want to spoil her even more!
Today I cleaned my whole house trying to avoid this feeling. I even got ready for the day, but still haven't gone out.
My mother came over and took her, and now i am getting so emotional just cleaning her room and now i'm crying on here.
I'm guessing this is the "baby blues" ..I just don't know what to do. I just told my husband about this because i broke out crying... ugh.