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May 28th '08

I love that site!!! Thank you so much!! :D

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May 28th '08
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May 28th '08

ok well here is my pics 2 weeks PP ..

and here is 7 weeks PP
i only gained 16 lbs thru the pregnancy and she was 8lbs 1oz so that was 1/2 of my weight lol

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May 29th '08
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May 30th '08

Here are mine:

I just cant get rid of my darn pooch and my hips are so wide. I have love handles too, which I dont mind toooo much, and I would mind them much less if my stomach was flat. I really want to get a gym membership and get my butt in shape, cause I have sooo many pre-preg jeans that just dont fit, and none that do. ugg.

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May 30th '08
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May 30th '08

im 5 wks pp. i didnt have any stretch marks untill the last month of my pregnancy, as u can see they appeared like crazy. i still have 25 pounds till my pre pregnancy weight. you all look great compared to me!IMG_0002-1.jpgIMG_0003.jpg

BeautifulDisaster 1 child; Texas 904 posts
May 31st '08

Ok, you ladies make me SOOO jealous! Here are my before and afters with my BEAU-tiful prince Beau Riley! I gained a total of 47 lbs while pregnant. 8lbs 10 oz was pure baby... and I am still 25lbs shy of pre-pregnancy. So I feel like a little piggy... :cry:

39 weeks for the next 2 pix

10 weeks PP

And my lil prince


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Jun 2nd '08

Heres me this morning little over 2days PP (I just had him Friday!)
PICT0063.jpga week before I delivered 36 weeks 3 days (I had him at 37 weeks 3 days)

&& Pre Pregnancy Belly!

Before pregnancy I was 110-120lbs and before I delivered I weighed about 180lbs and I now weigh about 155lbs.

JOJO&DANI 2 kids; Nebraska 2475 posts
Jun 6th '08

Picture001-1-1.jpgthere iam 8 months pp
n below iam 9 months pp
Picture037-2.jpgPicture038-1.jpgPicture035-1.jpgi fel fat

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Jun 9th '08
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Jun 14th '08

I hope I look half as good as all you ladies after this second one! I didn't take pictures of myself after having Jackson because I thought I looked like a fat cow!! I remember right after having him and taking my first shower at the hosptial I stood in there and cried forever because it was such a shock to me - I had no idea that my body would look like that and I would change that much. No one warns you of that. It took me 9months to loose all 50+ lbs that I gained! Again you ladies look great!! I am doing much better this time around - I haven't even gained a pound yet!!

Penny&Jess 1 child; Florida 15375 posts
Jun 14th '08

This is my belly at 8 days PP. I need to tone up but it went flat pretty quick.IM000535.jpgIM000536.jpg

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Jun 14th '08
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Jun 14th '08
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