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Oct 7th '12

Quoting jackie0608:" i lost my son when i was 5 months pregnant, so i was so scared this last pregnancy that no one but me ... [snip!] ... i knew i was having a girl before anyone knew. i have no idea how i hid it. it was winter here so i wore such baggy clothes."

That would be so hard to keep a secret, I have a feeling I will be keeping it between me & my SO for awhile. Sorry to hear that, but congratulations on your daughter. :)

k α y l α 1 child; RISING FAWN, Georgia 421 posts
Oct 7th '12

Only my boyfriend & I knew til about 10ish weeks. Then we told our folks. And around 16 weeks, told everyone else. Casually though, we didn't make a big announcement or anything. We were extra cautious b/c of 2 previous losses.

jackie0608 35 kids; Pennsylvania 1303 posts
Oct 7th '12
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thank you. she is 4 months old now and perfect. had some problems this pregnancy but got her to 39 weeks when i was induced.