Mommy of 4 boys & 1 girl 21 kids; Iowa 258 posts
Oct 7th '12

My 10 year old still doesn't know, 7-a litter bug, 4-Darth Vader and 19mo- doughboy

user banned Due December 15 (girl); 1 child; Colorado 1484 posts
Oct 7th '12

DD is going to be a zombie. :)

Pirate 2 kids; Arizona 1506 posts
Oct 7th '12

My oldest (4) is going as Ruby Gloom. My youngest (3) is all over the map. I want her to be a monster but she's not going for it :(

Twizzlahs 2 kids; Florida 1685 posts
Oct 7th '12

My daughter is going to be Minnie Mouse and my sons going to be a cop. Of course the store I went to had nothing that would match.

I like the cop one tho cuz it has padding in it to make him look ripped. Lol