CIO Mary Stickles Due May 22; 4 kids; Virginia Beach, Virginia 978 posts
Oct 5th '12

Just left my babies doctors while there I asked if this method was harmful for my son. She told me NO , and that if I feel ready then to start doing this. She also said if I am not ready both baby and I will know. Can parents that have done this give me some info and pros and cons before I make a decision on what is best for my son. He will only sleep if I hold and rock him or in his swing. TIA

AngelGabriel'sMama 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 2103 posts
Oct 5th '12

How old is LO?

Jenny&Boopy Due July 29 (twins); 3 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 9737 posts
Oct 5th '12

I did it with DS. I never let him scream for a long time or nothing like that. But if he was fed, changed, not too hot or cold, not sick, etc then if he cried when I put him down I'd walk away for a couple minutes, come back to reassure him I was still there, then walk out again. He never cried more than 5 minutes and after a couple days he gave up and went to sleep on his own. I think he was about 6 months old but it might've been more like 8 months lol I don't remember he's almost 7 years old now.

Always♥Faithful 2 kids; CHERRY POINT, North Carolina 21738 posts
Oct 5th '12

We didn't let DD CIO until she was 12 months. I felt before then it was too early and I should be catering to her at night. She still wakes up now (she's almost 2), but she goes back to sleep on her own when I tuck her back in.

When we did CIO, we wouldn't let her cry for more than 3 mins at a time for the first couple days, then increased it to 5 mins. Every interval, we would go back in the room, give her a kiss, and tuck her back in then walk out. She never needed to cry for more thn 10 minutes. By the time the week was over she was going to sleep on her own.

Buzz and Almond Joys momm 2 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 12593 posts
Oct 5th '12

We did CIO but adjusted it to our families needs. It really only took us 4-5 days but our kids were around 8 months old. First night we checked in every 5 min( they would be asleep within 20 min- next night 10 min next night 15- we never exceeded 15 min-
By our last night there was no crying

izzy+Ethan 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 4056 posts
Oct 5th '12

When she started sleeping 8 hours a night I let her cry herself to bed now she's 10 months and I let her throw her little tantrums in her room when she freaks out for no reason she calms down eventually

Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
Oct 5th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Always♥Faithful:</b>" We didn't let DD CIO until she was 12 months. I felt before then it was too early and I should be catering ... [snip!] ... walk out. She never needed to cry for more thn 10 minutes. By the time the week was over she was going to sleep on her own."</blockquote>

This is what I didbut we started CIO at 6 months. It was tough but after
A week she would fall asleep on her own.

Soon 2B Mom of 2 2 kids; North Highlands, California 3785 posts
Oct 5th '12

My Son was 7 months old when we did it. It worked for us. It broke my heart while we did it though lol. Its hard to hear them cry, and not go to them and comfort them, and those few minutes seemed like hours to me lol. In the end it was worth it though. It only took about 5 days. Since then, the only time our Son has problems going to sleep on his own is if he is sick, and I spoil him then anyways lol. Good luck hun!

Lotusmama Due March 31; British Columbia 1672 posts
Oct 5th '12

CIO did not work for me. It just didn't feel right. I prefer the Wait It Out Method. WIO recognises that many babies and young toddlers (under 2) need to be comforted to sleep in order to feel safe and secure, and to sleep well. This is a short period of time in a long life so DH and I just embraced the cuddles and WIO.

I usually nursed DD to sleep until around 15 months and that worked for us. She alway fell asleep withing 10-15 minutes and no fussing. If I was out DH or my mom would rock her to sleep instead. At 15m she stopped wanting BF at night and now she can go to sleep after 5-10 minutes of singing from dad or me. We have not had one bedtime tear. (Except teething related)

Just do what feels good and natural to you. I do know some parents who did a "gentle" method of CIO sometime after 8 months and thier kids only cried 5 minutes because they were pretty much ready for it. Other's tried CIO but baby would get very upset so they had to stop and try a different method. Listen to your instincts and do what feels good for your family.

DEGO 19 kids; Bridgeport, Ohio 3915 posts
Oct 5th '12

I think that if your baby is used to being rocked to sleep, you can't just let them CIO and expect positive results.. you have to wean them into it, but being used to certain environmental aspects and nurturing for bedtime and then suddenly being put to sleep on their own won't work out very well, from experience.

Mary Stickles Due May 22; 4 kids; Virginia Beach, Virginia 978 posts
Oct 5th '12

I dont mind rovkimg anf nirsing him yo sleep my issue is when I ho to lay him down ...if he isnt being held in my arm or the swing he cries ...that is the habit id like to break...

Hybiscuss 1 child; Washington 92 posts
Nov 27th '12

Im having a huge problem with my 5month old sleeping. She started putting herself to sleep after waking in the middle of the night. It sometimes took her an hour but eventually passed out without the binky. I thought she was getting the hang of it. At naps and bedtime I put her down MOSTLY asleep...eyes closed, but still not settled. So I figured Im putting her down "sleepy but awake" Well now she is waking a half hour after bedtime and will not go back to sleep. She plays, rolls, moves around in her crib. She does this during the day as well. She won't cry! She just plays and plays, then starts screaming when she gets over tired...not CRYING just this screeching sound.....I am SO overdone! I tried doing the no cry sleep solution. Hasnt seemed to work. I was going to attept the CIO but like I said she doesnt really cry. She will sometimes start to a little after an hour of the playfully rolling around, etc...but by then shes over tired and I feel bad because I know she probably wont be able to get herself to sleep at that point. She does have a binky and likes to sleep on her side. The binky falls out and sometimes that wakes her or she spits it out. But I know she needs it to fall asleep. Has anyone had this experience? I need some advise, do I just lay her down in the crib at nap and leave....let her stay in there for a hour or more and then let her cry once shes so tired? That seems this point Ive exhausted all options. As it is now she goes to bed at around 645-7. Wakes a half hour to and hour later...then its 2 or 3 hours of giving her the binky, rocking her, nursing, patting her, letting her work it out herself.....none of it works. Eventually I have to rock her-she is sooo tired at that point she just wants on and off the b**b....not even hungry, until she passes out. Last night it was at 11 pm! Please one mother to the next-I need advise! Thank you!!!!!!!