all packed up... First Time Momma(: 1 child; Columbus, Ohio 688 posts
Oct 4th '12

The SO and I decided to break up he's at work so I packed all of his stuff up for him so I don't sit and cry while he's doing it tomorrow... it's whats best. I couldn't handle the hostile relationship we were in :(
then why do I feel so sad.

Jacquelynde 3 kids; Nixa, Missouri 316 posts
Oct 4th '12

My SO and I broke up and it was so hard I missed him but I knew it was for the best. Now were going to conselling trying to work on it. I hope everything works out for you two!

wilde_mommy 4 kids; Columbus, Ohio 3459 posts
Oct 4th '12

I'm sorry you're going through this. Stay strong mama, if you need someone to talk to feel free to get in touch.