Blythe. 1 child; Indiana 23001 posts
Oct 4th '12
Quoting Chase and Brayden's mommy:" I bought it already I got it at Toysrus. Its a fisher price digital kids camera...I think it's fisher ... [snip!] ... camera...I think it's fisher price.... pretty sure it is....It was onsale and i used tru rewards and got it for $23.00 org $50!"

does it have a memory chip and everything? DD would love that

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
Oct 4th '12

I am getting dd 4 this stuff from itikes.

Jenna + 2 Beauties California 12806 posts
Oct 6th '12
Quoting EasyComeEasyGo:" I'm thinking about getting my daughter the leapfrog pad, it is kinda lke an ipad but for ... [snip!] ... ipad but for takes pictures, too! it's kinda pricey..i think $200 though, so we will see what our budget is like!"

my DD got that for Christmas last year. she is 4 now and she LOVES her "computer"