If you do 30DS MommaLBear 1 child; Georgia 762 posts
Oct 3rd '12

Do you take rest days? Like 1 day out of the week?
I'd kind of rather not take a day off, but IDK if my body needs to rest a day?
Today will be my 3rd day doing the complete Level 1 of 30 DS, and I'm not sore at all! Thanks to my previous 2 weeks of walking/jogging and a little bit of 30 DS.
So does my body need a day to rest even though I'm not sore?

Shannon +4 Due February 22 (boy); 4 kids; Beaumont, Alberta 9281 posts
Oct 3rd '12

I did day 4 today and I was in so much pain before and feel great now! I don't think I will take any breaks but it is only day 4 lol

Emmy's Mom 1 child; Indiana 1831 posts
Oct 3rd '12

I didn't take a break until day 15 and then never started up again. My ankles and shins just exploded with pain. It seriously took like three weeks for them to finally stop aching.

MommaLBear 1 child; Georgia 762 posts
Oct 3rd '12

Well, my feet seriously start to hurt when I get about 10-15 mins in, but after my shower they are fine, and are fine the next day. When I was just walking/jogging Sundays were supposed to be my rest days, but I'd be like "Forget that, I want to get slim!" Lol. So I don't *want* to take rests day, I just don't know if my body needs a rest day out of the week, or if it'll be fine if I do 30 DS 7 days a week.

pennylove 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Australia 1527 posts
Oct 3rd '12

Its better to have a rest day for exercise and a cheat day on food . The reason for this is the body needs recovery time to build muscle etc and when it comes to food restricting calories/ fats etc. for weeks on end may put the body shock and will hang on everything and you will not loose weight.