deletedasdfghjjk 1 child; London, United Kingdom 994 posts
Oct 4th '12
Quoting Lil princess and Bambino:" Everyone that kills has some sort of mental problem, that does not mean I will feel bad for them... ... [snip!] ... feel bad for them... I do not feel bad for a lot of people who murder...Like Casey Anthony, and a bunch of other crazy b***hes."


Logan and Noah's Momma 18 kids; North Carolina 982 posts
Oct 4th '12
Quoting Rumpelstiltskin:" I never said that... I said to look at the bigger picture. This is a very public case now, people ... [snip!] ... with the law and their mental stability at the time of the crime. Punishments, IMO should be 'age appropriate' though. "