he's here!!!! :) Traci Powell 2 kids; South Carolina 2019 posts
Sep 29th '12

Thursday night I kept feeling like I had to poop and couldn't so I spent all night going back and forth to the toilet. By 5:30 id woke my boyfriend up begging him to massage my lower back because I was hurting bad!!! (I still thought it was constipation) at 5:45 I felt a pop in my belly and felt myself down there thinking maybe my water broke...I was dry so attributed it to gas. About 5 minutes later I sneezed and SOAKED the bed. We got up, I ruined the bedroom and living room carpet before I called L&D. I was scheduled for a csection at 12 that day but they had me in earlirt. I got here at 7ish and Michael Wayne Powell III was born at 11:49 am. He is 7 lbs 11 ozs and 19.75 inches long!! He's so precious and we are so blessed to have him as part of our family. Taylor loves being a big sister and is already such a great helper. My avi is a pic of him since I'm on my phone

Mama Jenna. 2 kids; California 14282 posts
Sep 29th '12

Congrats on your baby boy :)