my first chemical pregnancy BigBubby_BigSis_In_2013 Due July 2; 2 kids; Plant City, Florida 62 posts
Sep 28th '12

So I found out that my BFP was a chemical pregnancy yesterday. I dont really know how to process it in my head....and I am kinda regretting the early testing because part of me thought I was Prego and the other part of me expected AF so I think I knew this was going to happen! Did any of you TTC right afterwards or should I wait a month or two to see if my cycles regulate?

~:Ashley{AIMZ}:~ 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Coventry, Connecticut 18434 posts
Sep 28th '12

I'm sorry for yor loss.

I had a chemical pregnancy in February of 2011 and we started trying again the next cycle. I was like you, I kind of knew that something was off. But if you feel like you need some time to process then wait a little while.

Nothing But Pink! Due April 17 (girl); 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Maryland 7448 posts
Sep 28th '12

I had a chemical pregnancy last December and after I stopped bleeding, we started trying again. I got my BFP 4 months later and I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. Good luck!

user banned 3 kids; Arizona 2845 posts
Sep 28th '12

I had one in June and have been trying since with no luck :( we have never had a problem before so I think it threw my hormonal balance out of whack. Good luck and sorry for your loss! The joy is taken too soon with a stupid chemical pregnancy!!

wyatt.earp. Due September 19 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Columbus, GA, United States 2298 posts
Sep 28th '12

i had one in October of 2010, never got my period back, and got pregnant in December of 2010!

That sucks though. I was pretty bummed out too. Good luck TTC and hope the next one ends up in a beautiful, healthy baby!