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Sep 27th '12

figuratively speaking. Or at last a good ol' sock to the balls that will make them stop working... forever. :) muah ah ah ah . So... dumbass BD told me I would never get full custody because "it's just not going to happen". I was worried maybe his homewrecking wh**e friend was helping him on the legal side. NOPE. Does that a*****e know how to follow through or follow directions? Nope. So, now that the court house is closed for the day, I can rest assured, that I have full custody. :) I just have to file the default tomorrow. :) On top of that, I filed to have the child support be modified. I should be getting 600-700. I'm only getting 300. And lord almighty I need it to keep a roof over mine and DD's head. Especially since the electric company won't let me take my name off of his account and he is running up the bill about $200-$300 a month and never pays it. I have to pay whatever I can whenever I get a shut-off notice. Oh, and our accounts are linked... HOW NICE! He's so sweet!!!

Does anyone know if there is a timeline in which papers must be served? They just told me if I didn't file the proof of service before the court date then the judge wouldn't see me. I waited until yesterday the 26th to mail the papers and the court date is on the 2nd. I didn't want him to harrass me. Luckily today, he told me our daughter was a result of him wanting p***y... so I no longer have a single bad feeling towards getting everything he owes to me and my daughter. Including a better father figure.

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Sep 30th '12

For your power bill, if the bill is in your name they will make you pay what he already owes but there is no need for it to keep getting higher and higher. (I had put power in my name for a friend before who didn't pay).
Call the company and tell them that you live at this address and still need power there BUT you do not live at the other address and want the power at the other address disconnected asap (tell them it's rented out to someone you don't even know and your not paying for a strangers power). Then tell them to add the balance owed for the other place onto your power bill and send you all the statements. You may also be able to work out a payment plan.. I ended up having to pay $480 a month for a year ($290 for current power and the rest as a payment plan for what the friend owed). Be very careful next time you offer to do such a thing.

If they don't agree, ask for the highest up person, if they still don't agree for to your mayer, they will force them to do so.