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Sep 27th '12

Looking for a pregnancy buddy, where we moved i dont have any friends. Im a stay at home mom/wife and my best and only friends are my husband, and my 2 yr old daughter. I know it probably sounds lame looking for a friend online, but we live 20 miles out of town and my options are limited. Im 22 and have been married for 4 yrs this Halloween, ( i know odd day to get married) I have a 2 yr old girl named Hollyanna well she'll turn 2 Nov 24th, and i'll have our second child January 3rd (c-section). Im gonna have another beautiful baby girl Makenzie. My husband was a wildland firefighter for 11 yrs 3 yrs ago he fell off of a 15 ft cliff and fractured his back in 3 different spots and it has changed our life dramaticly. I lvoe my life, but it would be nice to have a female friend to talk/vent to every now and then.