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When breast feeding, what pump is better to use? Rebecca Beebe Due May 29; 1 child; Columbus, Ohio 206 posts
Sep 27th '12

I plan on breast feeding, I just wanted some opinions on which pump is better to use... And why?

O ♥ G 2 kids; Pride, Louisiana 10726 posts
Sep 27th '12

Electric is wayyyyyy faster and more efficient IMO

Mari-C 18 kids; Nebraska 3695 posts
Sep 27th '12

I love my electric pump because it's easier and quicker to pump at work :)

*Also my electric pump runs on batteries so that is super helpful if I was out and about and had to pump.

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Sep 27th '12

I have only used a manual a few times with my first. It is EXHAUSTING if you need to pump regularly. You do all the work. The electric is like a set it and forget it especially if you do hands free.

*Berrrr Due November 19; 1 child; Ohio 2724 posts
Sep 27th '12

Electric was way better.

But, I also liked having my hand pump when I needed it. On the go and etc. The electric pump just wasn't functional for me on the go. But insanely exhausting.

Thorian's Mommy Due May 6; TTC since Jan 2016; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Westbrook, ME, United States 8501 posts
Sep 27th '12

I was using manual pump for the first 2.5 weeks cuz i was so engorged. i got about 2 ounces from each b**b but it never made me feel empty. i finally got an electric one and OMG! it felt like heaven! i get 5 ounces from one and 3.5 from the other every two hours. i am no longer engorged and feel so much better after i pump, so with that said.....i say electric is better

Rebecca Beebe Due May 29; 1 child; Columbus, Ohio 206 posts
Sep 28th '12

Thanks ladies :) Looks like I need to get an electric pump!