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Sep 27th '12

Don't know if it is a girl or boy yet. The ultrasound pics I posted seem to be inconclusive, but we somehow ended up naming our kids with A names and now it seems right to keep the trend. Just wondering if you had any suggestions about some unique names for both girls and boys. I also was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to include my Grandmas name if it is a girl Rozella, we already have a niece with Rose for a middle name which I love but don't know how to approach that. My Grandmother passed away last year and we were really close, my brothers daughter is 9 and he named her middle name after her years ago. So I don't want to copy them Ive had that done to me inside the family with Alex, thats our oldest, and then they named their daughter Alexis Rose laster and then my sister named her son Alexander. Go figure, its not a family name I guess they just wanted the name. Talk about awkward at christmas Alex, no not you, the other one. They do mostly call them Lexie and Alexander. My son is just Alex I had him at 19 so I wasn't thinking about anyone else wanting the name, my husband an I were the first on both sides to have kids. Anyways, sorry about the vent. Any name suggestions would be appreciated and heres the u/s link if you want to guess.

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Sep 27th '12

Abel- boy

Adelina- girl

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Sep 27th '12

Amber (:wink:)

Aiden (though outrageously common)

...lord I'm so bad with boy names!

mutemath27 Texas 153 posts
Sep 27th '12

Thanks for the replies, I know its the boy names that really have me stumped. I love some of the more popular ones but like you said they are so common I really wanted some individuality. Lol my sister would kill me if I did Aubrey or Ava she has four boys and those were her girl names if ever she had one. I love Anna combination names MIL middle name is Annette. I had a great nurse when I had my son named Annemarie and she was so sweet and pretty I thought hmm mental note. Do you think Ariella is close to Rosezella instead of the Rose idea do the Ella part? I love that nickname and my maiden name is Ellison kinda neat. What do you think?