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Sep 26th '12

My son is 3 and his whole life he's been with me seeing his dad maybe in total 2.5 months of his whole life. Well just recently he saw his dad in August and since then he's been a terror he's stop goin to the bathroom like he should and messing himself he cries all the time and his teachers say he's mean to other kids hitting pinchIng yelling and he just die not listen to anyone
This past year I can admit has been hard on him we moved to 4 different states within 1 year an each place we've been had arguing and yelling
I've been working a lot to save for his tuition for when I go away so I haven't spen much time with him either so I feel like he thinks neither one of his parents are there for him
I can tell that he wants his dad around but when I ask him does he want to go he screams bloody murder no!
He needs a father figure that's stern on him he loves when he's with my husband but come November my son is going to live with my mother while I'm in basic training
So it's like what do I do? He needs a male to keep him in line but he's way more comfortable with my mom (she's in VA my husband is in SC)
He having these fits and lashing out and becoming an angry child and it's like how can I stop it between now and November I have to work to sve money for his tuition at gis new school til I start getting paid in basic so what can I do for him
I'm not being absent on purpose but I have to work and he doesn't get that