Does anyone else feel like crap? Heather : Due November 1 (girl); Madisonville, Kentucky 4 posts
Sep 25th '12

I'm 18. The baby's daddy left us and denies that she is his (he asked me to marry him a month before I found out about her). I have my life together despite being completly alone in this whole mess. I'm34 weeks, so Abby's presence is obvious now and I feel like people look down on me when Im out in public. What they don't realize is I was on the pill and we used condoms (apparently incorrectly lol) Should I feel guilty?

October2011 Due August 5; 3 kids; Pennsylvania 8805 posts
Sep 25th '12

If you didnt cheat on him, why would guilt even cross your mind?

b 7 Due November 25 (girl); Indiana 253 posts
Sep 25th '12

If u have your life together who cares what people think!!! U have a precious angel inside of u and when she is here u won't even be worried about any of that because u will have your mind set on her and nothing else around! Good luck and everything will be fine!

elle-marisha 1 child; Australia 318 posts
Sep 25th '12

Hey I'm 18 too!!! That guy is a jerk. And I'm sure you'll be a great mummy :)

Kate Hailes 17 kids; Halifax, Nova Scotia 56 posts
Sep 25th '12

you practically just described my situation only im 20 years old, and having a boy, and due on friday (also it wasnt protected at all). i havent spoken to my sons father in over 7 months, he wants a dna test done to prove its his, though i know it is because i never cheated on him. your daughters father is an ass, if he doesnt believe its his, take his sorry ass to court for child support, and they will do a dna test to prove its his. i dunno about where you live, but the courts shouldnt make you pay a cent for the dna test, as long as there is no way its not his. dont feel guilty hun, ive gotten some ridiculous looks this whole pregnancy cause i look to be about 16 or 17 years old, so a lot of people automatically think im another teenage mother when in reality, im not. as long as you didnt cheat on him, you have absolutely no reason to feel guilty. the way i see it, if he wants nothing to do with his child, thats his loss, not yours.

Scarlet Adelina Martin's Due January 9 (girl); Virginia 17 posts
Sep 26th '12

yyes! when i go out in the public people are always looking at me funny and then they comment wow so young and you went and threw your life away. I do not have the guy issue we have been together five years and getting married in november. so im lucky in that area. but yes i am young, im 18. but i have finished high school and only have a semester left of college and have a well paying job to support my family. I do not understand why people are so quick to judge.

and no you should not feel guilty. he is the one that should. he proposed before he even knew and then left.....he...i just cant get myself to day it. but you should def. not feel guilty!

Heather : Due November 1 (girl); Madisonville, Kentucky 4 posts
Sep 26th '12

Because people look at me like "oh you're a teenager, with a baby.." and it just makes me feel bad.

Quoting October2011:" If you didnt cheat on him, why would guilt even cross your mind?"
Tay L 1 child; St Paul, Minnesota 719 posts
Sep 27th '12

I don't really look pregnant, just look fatter. But when people look at me I kind of feel bad. Idk if they can tell I'm pregnant or not but it makes me feel bad. I'm 20 and I had a lady ask me a months ago before I found out I was pregnant and before I turned 20, if I was 14. When I said no she asked if I was 12. So I know I look young. I have people ask me daily what grade I'm in, and if I'm looking forward to being out of school. Then they look shocked when I tell them I'm in my 5th semester of college. I know how you feel about feeling bad when people look at you funny. People always assume I'm 16 or younger.