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Sep 25th '12

My first covered wipes case! Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics... I made it for my wee one! I can make a wipes case in any color, pattern or theme (as long as I can find the fabric). This case is a personalized case with a side of ric rac that can be used to hold a couple of clippies!


Like Dr Suess? Dr Who, Marvel Super Heroes, Muppet's, Disney, Gnomes, military, damask? I can may your wipes case dreams come true!!! Once your wee one isn't wee any more use this case for crayons, colored pencils, markers, Wet Ones and more! My daughter loves carrying around her case.

Whats awesome about my cases?

- I use super glue, hot glue, and a special double sided tape to keep my wipes cases from falling apart or peeling off.
- Personalization is FREE and done in house! No waiting 3-4 days for the embroidery to arrive.
- Up to 2 touches are included for free! (Choose from bows, felties, ric rac, ribbon, buttons, characters and more!)
- On the great sellers list multiple times
- Price of $14 includes shipping!
- Metallic thread for embroidered name (black with rainbow or red with purple) only $2 more!
- FAST Shipping with TRACKING NUMBER included.

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Sep 25th '12

SO cute mama. Our custom wipes case is falling apart, so I will have to get one from you :D