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Sep 22nd '12
Quoting Aribean:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Monika Dawn:</b>" Did you read the first post?"</blockquote> ... [snip!] ... He needs to help clean up after himself... But with you being home you should also keep up with the home as best as you can."

I kinda threw up a wall of text and expecting every detail to be noticed, so that's on me.

I do what I can, but he expects me to scrub down the bathroom (that I share with two males) with Comet and things like that, that are generally unsafe for pregnant people, according to my OB and my mother

mehhhhh Minnesota 368 posts
Sep 22nd '12
Quoting * MRS KING *:" What are the circumstances that force you to live with him? Because if i have this guy nailed right, ... [snip!] ... Crying babies, sleep deprived women, and grumpy old men= stress for everyone involved. I vote move out, if you can."

I still live with him because I'm 17. SO lives here because before, he was staying with his parents about an hour away. A discussion between my dad, his parent, him and me all came to the conclusion of us living together so he can be there when his son is born.

We're saving to move out but it's hard to find a place to live that isn't campus housing, as we live in a college town

* MRS KING * 2 kids; Whitesboro, Oklahoma 1563 posts
Sep 22nd '12

I hate to say it, but youre underage, and until then hes not going to treat you like an adult. Baby or not. Unless youve been emancipated, then youre still under his care, and hes treating you like any other father would treat their non preggy child. Its called chores, although some parents do take advantage of that. I know my father did. All you can do is have your doc write a note or something, and be glad your father is letting your bf live there. I hope things get better and you can save up befor the baby is born. You really need to be on your own in order to take care of your LO. Its hard to do if you have someone treating you like a child.

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Sep 23rd '12

I find it a bit ridiculous that a grown man can't clean up after himself.. It's really not that hard to throw things where they go and not leave piles of crap everywhere..

We pay 200 a month rent, and we pay 200 towards food as well and I live with my grandparents. The only thing they expect of me is to keep my room clean, and when I dirty a dish I have to rinse it and put it in the dish washer. I do more than that, but that's out of respect and because I'm grateful that they want us to stay with them until after Silas is born. not because they expect or demand it of me.

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Sep 25th '12
Quoting Monika Dawn:" This isn't about abuse or anything, so don't worry about that. :D But I'm 27 weeks pregnant right now. ... [snip!] ... keep doing this? (He also expects me to keep the house clean after my son is born so...dunno what I'm supposed to do here?)"

For those that don't understand; yes its important as a person living in another person house to keep it clean and do your part as far as bills, food etc. From what I read in her post she is cleaning and evidently cleaning the same stuff over and over because her father is keeping it dirty and not second guessing it cause he feels like well they live under my roof and they are going to do whatever cause they don't want to be put out. Of course do your part but its one thing to do another persons part just because they feel as if your obligated. He is kinda treating her like an in house maid.