Why does everything feel like a battlefeild /rant BlackVelvet 1 child; 1 angel baby; Aurora, Illinois 4767 posts
Sep 22nd '12

Everything in my life feels like a battlefeild. If it isnt one thing then its something else. Im sick and ranting so dont mind me.

This will be a little long

Since July first my SO to look me to look for work. I got work with in a couple of weeks of him asking. The first few weeks i was there they only gave me 15-20 hours. He said to push for more hours. So I asked for more hours Now i getting 32+ hours. He said im pushing myself way to much amd that I need to spend time with him and LO.

Ive been working 5 days a week getting up as early as 5:45am. Where there's a day where i dont have to get up early for work (lets say i have too work at 11am) I ask my SO to wake up with LO so i can have an extra hour of 2 of sleep. Keep in mind my SO works 3 days a week. Its like stepping on land mines. He says no that on a day i dont have to get up early I still need to wake up with :LO (Whatever time that may be) so he can catch up on sleep. Im sorry its not my fault you stay up all night and have to take care of LO from 6am on.

SO argues with me about putting lotion on DD. I do my best when im home i put lotion on her frequently. I told him he needs to put some on her when hes at work. He doesnt make the initiative to buy himself a pair of gloves (cause he said the lotion bothers his skin) to put lotion on DD

Everything with my DD is like a battlefeild. Feeding, changing, bathing, going to sleep All she does is fit and cry. Im at my wits end when it comes to that. She crys for no reason most of the time..