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Apr 8th '08

Well just got to know that there is a up to 70% off on clearance & outlet items + 5% off $400 or more at

user banned Florida 176 posts
Apr 23rd '08

Hello I have got to know a 10% off $100 or more from

Jacklyn 1 child; San Jose, California 595 posts
Apr 27th '08

Go to and type down any website you want and they'll show you the lastest coupon codes. Works wonders for me..there are certain websites that asked to not be placed on though (for example: old navy)

The Mom Wisconsin 4 posts
Apr 28th '08
Quoting 102:
user banned 3 kids; Utah 2 posts
May 3rd '08

Hi everyone, speaking of deals has something at least 50% off everyday! Today it is really cute topless undershirts. Great for everyone to layer but great for maternity and nursing, too!

user banned California 145 posts
May 8th '08

I have found this coupon :
$20 off $100 at

jmommy24 Colorado 2 posts
May 13th '08

Twenty free prints at Fp20b
$5 off Big Enlargements BE5offb
$5 off Photo Calendar
$5 off Photo Puzzle

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May 15th '08

Saving to my topics! ;)

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May 17th '08

Adding to my topics.

♥T 2 kids; Shelbyville, Indiana 29209 posts
May 18th '08

Walgreens has purex detergent on sale, 38 loads buy one get on free, plus there are coupons in the wekend papers for $1 off.

There are also a couple others, but that stuck out the most.

As for the weekend coupons there were 3 books in my paper with a crapload of really good coupons that you can actually use.

♥T 2 kids; Shelbyville, Indiana 29209 posts
May 18th '08

We thought you'd like to see the latest Crocs at Piperlime.


New crocs onsale atold navy---Piperlime. 20% off.

Mommy {of two} 2 kids; Oceanside, California 4078 posts
May 18th '08

saving to my topics!

Jenn~Zen 4 kids; Centerburg, Ohio 2022 posts
May 19th '08

Me too, me too!

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May 22nd '08

Tide laundry detergent. Target $16.49.
It's 19 something at my walmart-I will price match it.

Pampers cruisers- $27.99
672 ct
5 88 ct
4 100 ct

132 size 2
152 size one

♥T 2 kids; Shelbyville, Indiana 29209 posts
May 22nd '08

Similac--16 or 25.7 ozs
25.7 ozs goodstart.


7.99 pampers/huggies
300 to 385 ct.