My belly button a fetish to bf? Riahbug's Mommy California 198 posts
Sep 19th '12

Well not really a fetish, but my boyfriend is in love with my belly button I swear. He can never stop touching it, or when we're cuddling he'll just have to flick it and it annoys me so much and I don't know why lol. I think I'm getting to the part where I don't like anyone touching my belly anymore. My belly button has become fully an outie now and for some reason some of my family also likes to poke it. What is so special about it?

Please someone tell me my SO isn't the only weirdo? xD

*~* Superwoman *~* 1 child; Moreno Valley, California 2045 posts
Sep 19th '12

nope. mine isnt even an outie yet but SO is obssessed with sticking his finger in it and telling me its about to pop. its annoying as hell. I dont even like him touching my belly anymore.

Katie ♥ Eli 1 child; California 2259 posts
Sep 19th '12

My SO was totally creeped out by my outie when I was pregnant. He said it looked like a b******e :/

user banned United Kingdom 1629 posts
Sep 19th '12

Lol mine hasn't popped but it's like... shallow as if there's not much there? He's still obsessed with it, he's always like 'where's it gone, omg, it's so weird'.

Riahbug's Mommy California 198 posts
Sep 19th '12

Lol yeah I don't know what his problem is! My belly button didn't really pop until I was 7 months I think, I'm 34 weeks now and it's just out there. It's just annoying when he flicks it! I tell him to stop and he's just like "but it's cute!" -_-