My feelings... Bri&Mav Due June 12; 1 child; North Carolina 531 posts
Sep 15th '12

I am 18 weeks...I have yet to even feel pregnant. I feel like I should be excited, and I'm not. I don't think I will be able to raise the child. I am considering adoption. I want the baby to be loved and raised in a good home.

I don't know if I'm just in a phase or if. It's because I have only heard the heart beat once, no ultrasounds, and haven't felt movement? I don't know what to do...

1stTymMummy 1 child; New Zealand 396 posts
Sep 15th '12

Hormones can make you feel a certain way sometime. I don't think it matters if you aren't excited right now. Sometimes you feel baby's movements later on.

What reasons are you considering adoption for?

Sugar. 17 kids; New Zealand 779 posts
Sep 15th '12

It took me a while to really feel pregnant and enjoy it, at my 20 week scan when I found out I was having a boy I became really excited and fell in love with my little guy. I suppose everyone is different/has different circumstances but I suggest you just do what is best for you.

MMY2nhalf Due August 12; 3 kids; Cleveland, Ohio 1140 posts
Sep 15th '12

You can do it. With my daughter I was excited during pregnancy but when she was born I didn't have too much interest in her. I was breastfeeding so the only time I dealt with her was to feed her. It took me a month to start feeling attached...

With this pregnancy I am not really attached at all. I know it will change after the baby is here.
With my situation I was going to terminate the pregnancy,(my iud fell out so it was unexpected) and me and my boyfriend of 3 years had just broken up(I found out I was pregnant a week after)...

Then I started bleeding and the docs told me I was going to miscarry so I continued to seperate myself from the pregnancy. I am now 18 weeks and feel sort of how you do. I am not excited or too happy. My baby kicks all the time and Im not like aww my baby is kicking. I kind of just brush it off. I am nowhere near attached to this pregnancy.

I am trying to get attached but with me still bleeding and in pain its hard because I am scared to get attached and then lose the baby.

I feel all that will change when my baby is born and I get to hold it in my arms.
Maybe once you start feeling kicks, and see the baby on the ultrasound. It will be more real? I think it is actually pretty common to feel how you feel right now.

Hang in there. If you are considering adoption keep it an option but don't let that stop your attachment. You may end up changing your mind.

Bri&Mav Due June 12; 1 child; North Carolina 531 posts
Sep 15th '12

Well i work full time at a day care and will have free daycare and maternity leave and stuff. But I just don't think I'm ready. I feel like the baby will hate me and think I'm a terrible mom. I have no support and nothing but negative people in my life. I just want it to have a good life and be happy.