How is everyone? Jaela Shonese Due December 11 (boy); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 14 posts
Sep 14th '12

I hope all your pregnancies and previous children are going and doing well... My little boy moves around soooo much but doesn't want to move a muscle when someone wants to feel his kicks lol. I can feel myself getting really moody at times (again) so that should be fun... I am so excited that my due date is approaching, a lot quicker than I thought I'm already 27 weeks! But I'm EXTREMELY nervous too...what are your thoughts on labor & delivery if you're headed in that direction??

Bad Things Blacksburg, SC, United States 21473 posts
Sep 14th '12

Well, I already went that The drugs were awesome, the "dying" of thirst wasnt, ripping sucks, but I would go through it twenty times for LO.

Try to enjoy your last weeks alone! Take many looonnnng showers and sleep in until 2!!! :D

kKay. Veneta, Oregon 4957 posts
Sep 14th '12

I'm 27wk as well. My anger is.out of control at times. I feel like the fricken Hulk over here somedays. I am looking into my options of whether to do a vbac or not.

What is your plan do birth?

Mommilette 2 kids; Ontario 8948 posts
Sep 14th '12

Just had my baby. He was 5 days late.

Enjoy the last few weeks without the baby.
I was nervous about labor with my first child. But really. I was nervous for nothing. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I went into labor the night before my due date, she was born early in the morning on her due date.

With this baby. I was more anxious. I had to wait 5 extra days. But the labor was just as good as my first. Same sort of thing happened. Started the day before and he was born in the early hours of the morning.

Enjoy every moment of it.