Lily's Mama 1 child; Washington 476 posts
Sep 14th '12

DD is 4, she was diagnosed shortly after her 2 nd birthday. She has made a lot of progress. She is very high functioning, most people don't believe me that she is autistic. Her ABA therapist said she is a tough cookie to figure out. If you watch her you can see where she meets the criteria for the diagnosis, but her traits aren't at all typical. After months of working with her, they are still trying to figure her out. Her tantrums have improved so has her speech. Our three big issues are sleeping, eating and her mood swings.
Hang in there. All autism is is a diagnosis, your child won't suddenly change from it. With a diagnosis you'll be able to get your child help. The younger they start intervention, the better.

Danielle Kyle 1 child; Omaha, Nebraska 27 posts
Sep 16th '12

My daughter has autism. She's almost 3 and doesn't say words. She babies and i can't understand her ever... Its really hard. I cry a lot because i feel like a horrible mom. :/ it will be okay though. It takes time.

Momma Kylee Due November 30; TTC since Nov 2013; 3 kids; Marble falls, Tx, United States 3361 posts
Sep 16th '12

Is eye contact a big indicator?? Kiefer makes eye contact no problem, we gaze into each others eyes all the time, he'll hold my face in his and make a gurgling baby noise and just stare into my face really cute like.... I dunno, ive heard autistic kids dont do stuff like that... i guess im just holding onto the idea that there may be several other causes for his lack of development...

Lily's Mama 1 child; Washington 476 posts
Sep 16th '12

My daughter makes eye contact with people she knows well. ASD is a broad spectrum, no two children are alike under it.

MommyingWithGrace Beverly Hills, California 2427 posts
Sep 22nd '12

i've been hearing impaired all my life. for someone who is hearing impaired, you have to get their attention before calling their name. sounds like it could also be a hearing problem as well.