what did it taketo be a good single mom? loststars12 Due April 11; Japan 7 posts
Sep 12th '12

Im just wondering.

Tikaytasha 17 kids; New York 11503 posts
Sep 12th '12

Uh, taking care of your child.

Good Queen Bess Due December 27; 2 kids; Ontario 49564 posts
Sep 12th '12

Exactly same things that it takes to be a good parent generally....

I'm not sure why marital status makes a difference.

Christine_Elizabeth 5 kids; 1 angel baby; St. Petersburg, FL, United States 7422 posts
Sep 12th '12

There's no handbook or secret trick. Just try. Do the best you can. Get help when you need it.

The Great Mustachio Suck It, PO, Uzbekistan 9385 posts
Sep 12th '12

Every last thread of sanity I had.

None ya ;) 2 kids; Pennsylvania 10818 posts
Sep 12th '12

Swallow your pride and ask for help when you need it. I don't know, I haven't really changed as a mother since I got divorce. Just takes more organization and patience than when I was married. Definitely learn to not sweat the small stuff!