Some advice please all you mumma's who've been through this( Rock Paper Scissors Lizar ; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Hoboken, NJ, United States 1478 posts
Sep 10th '12

So I practically need some encouraging words or some advice

I have to go back to court on Tuesday so two days . Now BD phoned my solicitor complaining that he can't afford the

Abbie Myers 3 kids; Manchester, Tennessee 56 posts
Sep 11th '12

I know its tough to go through all of this and your concern for your child at this point is all that is important. Even if he goes ahead with his case he really isnt going to have a leg to stand on. csa will have his true wages and if you have already proven the danger of unsupporvised visits then you shouldnt have anything to worry about. they will make him pay what he is supposed to pay and if he refuses to pay for his visits then he wont get them and the judge will see that he isnt doing them. Keep your head up mama it will all turn out ok.