Child support in Texas amber9106 Lubbock, Texas 1 posts
Sep 10th '12

My ex has recently been paid through his employer and my daughters child support check is really late...could it be late because of this past labor day? I spoke to him and he said it should be in. I have the Texas debit card.

Dani Sliva Japan 3 posts
Sep 12th '12

I live in San Antonio and not receiving my child support for my two children from their father. I did get 1 month, I received 5 checks and 1 deposit totaling $332. They arrived like this 2 at one time, 2 two weeks later, 1 that came after I had received and activated my card and 1 deposit to my texas debit card. He got paid weekly and it took over a month from when they started deducting from his check till I received my first check. Incidently, it was my first and only month I have ever received child support.