My Baby Won't Stop Crying =[ user banned
Sep 9th '12

She's not wet. She's not hungry. She's not hot and doesn't have a fever. She's not cold. I don't think she's teething (we already went through that and it wasn't like this.) I don't think she's gassy, either.

She's 11mo (just a few days shy of it, but w/e). Am I forgetting anything? She just cries and cries and cries, even when I hold and rock her. She's finally asleep, but I'm afraid to move because I think she'll wake up and start crying again.

Can babies just cry sometimes with nothing wrong with them?

~Carole~ Due February 12; 3 kids; Round Rock, Texas 1507 posts
Sep 9th '12

She could just be really tired. Or she could be getting sick. A few nights ago my son kept waking up SCREAMING. He gets really over dramatic when he is starting to get sick. Now he has a cold.

furrbabiesmommy 18 kids; California 16570 posts
Sep 9th '12

my daughter has days like that when she has a growth spurt, or sometimes is just in a bad mood. it happens. Just like with us, only babies cry. We yell. lol

Pinkman 1 child; Seattle, WA, United States 7124 posts
Sep 9th '12

She's probably just tired. My 4mo was up from 5AM-630PM and pretty much cried the whole time because he was so tired.

deleted crazy train, tx, Holy See (Vatican City State) 9655 posts
Sep 9th '12

She could be over tired. Or it could be a growth spurt. They can be painful sometimes and/or make them grouchy. My twins get really fussy when they're going through a growth spurt.

Also, it could be teething. As my kiddos got older, their behavior when they teethed changed from time to time.

. , Richmond, VA, United States 75118 posts
Sep 9th '12

Could be anything. Maybe her stomach or head hurts, or she could have been overstimulated.

IOnlyMakeBoys (B.B.M) 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 4754 posts
Sep 9th '12

ear infection maybe my son had a double ear infection once and wasn't pulling at is ears and did not have a fever he was just very cranky and would want to be held

user banned 33 kids; Blytheville, Arkansas 7534 posts
Sep 9th '12

Thanks ladies. None of you are saying anything serious, so that helps.

She's getting more vocal in different ways now that she's getting older, so I'm hearing "new" cries, if that makes sense. She's had me on edge lately, just because she's changing so fast. I feel like I had a baby last week and I woke up one day with a toddler.

Jennifer Eimers Due May 15; Wichita, Kansas 20 posts
Sep 12th '12

Could be colic!
I am so sorry to hear this. I too had a a daughter with colic and my husband and I both had no idea what to do. When she was 2.5 weeks old we found out about Doc Scharenberg he is a chiropractor who amazingly turns out to live in Wichita, KS (so do we) and has been treating colicky babies for over 30 years.
When our daughter was about 5 weeks old she was completely colic free. I know Wichita is a little far to travel, but he is working on creating educational information for people out of the area so he can train mom's to do the treatment he created. Give him a call and see if he can help you 316-945-0075.
Until you can get in contact with him here is some helpful advice he game my husband and I.
1. NO gas drops. Colic is an underdeveloped valve between the small and large intestine. It allows gas to travel backwards through the digestive system causing tremendous pain for the baby.
2. Use body language to determine if your baby is hungry or in pain. Kicking legs, pulling legs up to chest, pulling hair scratching face are all signs of pain. Flailing arms are hunger. If your baby is throwing up chances are it is over fed.
3. Diet. If you are breastfeeding Doc has a diet that needs to be followed, if contains only non gassy foods. This will help prevent your baby from being in more pain. You can find the diet at
4. No swaddling. I know it is against everything you read, but if you do choose to swaddle do it loose. Imagine if you were in pain, would you want someone to wrap you up and prevent you from moving? Chances are no.
5. Use a bouncy seat in place of a bed. Babies with colic will not sleep laying flat on their backs. Make sure you strap them in. If you have enough money there is a Nap Nanny that would work as well.
6. Bounce. Bouncing your baby will help relieve some of the gas pain in their belly.
7. CALL DOC save your baby from the pain.
If you are hesitant at all about the truth behind this Doc has a colic support group on facebook and all the moms can testify to his treatment.
I hope that this helps, and please don't let it bring you down too much.