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What to do? Alesha Bess Due September 10 (girl); Indiana 11 posts
Sep 8th '12

There are two possible fathers of my child. Neither of which I want around my child.
One being a former Marine, who is crazy and does cocaine and steroids. He has a violent past, where he head butt a cop and broke the officers nose, and he beats his own father who is such a nice, gentle, religous man.
And the other is the man I have loved for 6 years. I thought he was right for me and he wanted to settle down and start a family but the only thing he was after was a baby girl. He treated me like crap and we did nothing but argue. He is controlling and would make me feel bad about going anywhere, even if it was only to see my Grandma. We dated 6 years ago but he broke up with me after his brother who is 1 year older than him raped me. He said it was my fault and because I thought he was the one, I dropped the arguement and let it go as best I could but he still brought it up almost everyday after we started dating again. He said he couldnt trust me cuz I cheated on him 6 years ago. He wanted to name my daughter Sophia Nicole Woolverton, which was the exact same name him and his ex wife were going to name their daughter that she miscarried.
I left him and am going to be a Single Mommy but the only support I have is my grandparents and my dad. They dont have much money or time to help. I get WIC and foodstamps. My daughter will be on medicade. But I dont have a job and wont really be able to for a while. I am planning on breastfeeding full time. I only have one option on where to live and that is in the basement of my grandparents house. My grandma thinks I should hit the father up for child support. I dont know what to do because I dont want there to be any chances for them to have any rights or even be around my child. The marine is completely unstable and the ex's family is crazy and unstable and he has anger issues too. But I dont know if I can do all of this on my own. I want to be able to get a job and go to college and everything so I can better myself, but I cant for a while and I have no way to afford diapers and wipes. Everything I have was handed down to me from someone else. What should I do? Try for child support and risk them having rights, or going at it with out child support and keeping my child away from those crazy people?

euroras mommy Due April 26; Japan 7 posts
Sep 12th '12

If I were you I would try to refrain from CS. First off it will probably be a long hard fight to get it. Second off you don't want either one of these wack jobs (no offense) to think that they need rights to your child just because they are giving you money for taking care of y'alls child. I know that it is hard. I recently broke up with the bd of my little girl and then a week after i found out that I am expecting again. I live with my mom and we barely get by but we do it. I know it seems impossible at times but you will make it. I really hope this helps.