First prenatal appt Lucky_Charms Due April 18 (boy); 16 kids; California 62 posts
Sep 6th '12

I have my first prenatal care appt October 18th. Im about 7 weeks and 6 days. I think that is to far for my first appt .. I don't want to wait that long. I just wanted to know should I try to find another doctor who will see me sooner or that appt date for the 18th is fine?

cookie monster (a and p) Due March 2; 2 kids; West Virginia 4452 posts
Sep 6th '12

If it were me, I would. I don't want to see a doctor who wouldn't want to ease my mind by seeing me sooner.

diiamond142536 L.A, CA, United States 754 posts
Sep 6th '12

You have to find the doctor you are most comfortable with!