First prenatal appt Lucky_Charms Due April 18 (boy); 16 kids; California 62 posts
Sep 6th '12

I have my first prenatal care appt October 18th. Im about 7 weeks and 6 days. I think that is to far for my first appt .. I don't want to wait that long. I just wanted to know should I try to find another doctor who will see me sooner or that appt date for the 18th is fine?

cookie monster (a and p) Due March 2; 2 kids; West Virginia 4452 posts
Sep 6th '12

If it were me, I would. I don't want to see a doctor who wouldn't want to ease my mind by seeing me sooner.

diiamondchula 18 kids; Toms River, New Jersey 754 posts
Sep 6th '12

You have to find the doctor you are most comfortable with!