confussed,. chantellejade TTC since Feb 2012; Manchester, United Kingdom 78 posts
Sep 6th '12

is it possable to get a posative ovulation test 5days before am due on my period?
i dont want to try for a baby too hard. and be let down evrytime i come on my period. 2weeks ago i took an ovulation test and it came back negative.
i took one 2days ago and it came back posative so ive kept taking them and its still comeing back posative. i really dont think i am reading it rong as ive shown it other people and there saying its posative too..
am sure i was ovulating early last week like the monday/tusday as i was having ovulation pains then had a white discharge.?
and i am now getting posative ovulation tests why? :/ will be greatfull if someone can help as its going round and round in my head and havnt got a clue whats going on x

Heather Jacques 3 kids; South Carolina 52 posts
Sep 6th '12

Hey, your body does some crazy things sometimes and maybe you just don't ovulate until so close to your period. That would explain why it should up negative before now. I know it's heartbreaking to keep taking those pregnancy tests and for them to come up negative all the time, but you shouldn't let that be the main basis for intimacy with you SO as that may lead to an unfortunate decline in your relationship. My advice- try it, have fun and live in the moment with the one you've chosen to share it with. And may you be blessed with a perfect little baby. Remember- the Universe has an odd way of giving you what you need when it decides you need it.... Good luck!!