Ms.Perez Due December 15 (boy); Livermore, California 1 posts
Sep 10th '12

Im do the 16th (:

Ashleigh Leigha Due December 15 (boy); Metairie, Louisiana 5 posts
Sep 13th '12

im due the 16th and im having a finally getting over sickness.and he is one active baby.its my first so him moving around so much is kind of

Pickle 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 4254 posts
Sep 14th '12

i'm posting late but i'm due the 15th and it couldn't get here fast enough! :)

Aria Dawn's mommy 33 kids; Texas 1864 posts
Sep 14th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Andrea0510:</b>" i'm posting late but i'm due the 15th and it couldn't get here fast enough! :)"</blockquote>


Heather m. kelly Due December 14 (girl); Norfolk, Virginia 1 posts
Sep 14th '12

Hi im heather. I live in Norfolk va. Im also due December 15,2012. We just found out we r having agirl. So our family is complete. We have 2 boysand 3 girls and a girl on the way. So just wanted to congrats to u.

Lady Darkness Due December 5 (girl); Hazel Crest, Illinois 1 posts
Sep 15th '12
Quoting mommy2vanessa:" 8)8):D any one else due then"

Im due on that day and am also having a baby girl

Laura-Emz Sharpe Due November 9 (girl); 1 child; Japan 1 posts
Sep 15th '12

14th December lil boy :)

Alisha Edge Due December 14; 2 kids; Woodruff, South Carolina 1 posts
Sep 16th '12

im due dec. 15th but will be having a c-section so my little girl will be here approximately a week before.

stephanie del moral Due December 14 (boy); San Diego, California 51 posts
Sep 24th '12

i am also due this day hope ur pregnancy is goin good

Courtney.M.Perdue Due December 10 (boy); Hillsboro, Ohio 7 posts
Sep 25th '12

Im due December 11,2012 :)

Aria Dawn's mommy 33 kids; Texas 1864 posts
Sep 27th '12

How is everybody doing? What are your joys/discomforts this week?

Leeesah 3 kids; Panama City Beach, Florida 240 posts
Sep 28th '12

Im due December 15th:) I would love to be induced on 12/12/12 if I have to be! This is my last baby and her name will be Alyssa Nicole

Jamie Reynolds Due December 8; Japan 2 posts
Oct 1st '12

Me! If they dont end up changing it again, i was originally due on the 9th.

Mommy+1 California 897 posts
Oct 1st '12

im due 12/14 with #3! My oldest sons birthday is 12/6 and i have a feeling ill have this one really close to his birthday!!! Seeing that my last two pregnancys i delievered early! But the earlier in December the better!

Tia Potter Due December 14 (girl); 1 child; Colorado Springs, Colorado 2 posts
Oct 7th '12

My baby girl is due on the 15, but I am expecting her more around Thanksgiving. I am a 2 week early kind of girl.