blood and stuff (MC) *TMI* What's wrong, flat face? TTC since Jul 2012; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Texas 13678 posts
Sep 4th '12

I went to the bathroom and had a ball of blood and mucous all mixed together come out on the toilet paper. Could this be the pregnancy? Oh and I am having some pretty shitty pains in my left ovary on top of this. Like sharp pains. I have an appointment on Thursday to see the OB but idk. I have also had a headache all day and am running a slight fever, and have an upset stomach. Maybe this is an ectopic and I am having the symptoms of that...
Idk. Just looking for people with experience in this.

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Sep 4th '12

Go to the Hospital

Lilly and Laya's momma 3 kids; 4 angel babies; Chesapeake, Virginia 8559 posts
Sep 5th '12

GO to the ER. I had a ruptred Ectopic in June and didn't know til 2hours before it rupture. Only symptom I had was sudden pain