This sucks user banned
Sep 4th '12

I went into the Dr today after dropping my oldest off for her first day of preschool. The did an ultrasound to confirm that I did infact have a miscarriage.

They told me I will probably bleed another week and that we should have protected sex if we have sex at all for the next 3 weeks.

I was a little concerned that they didn't send me for rhogam but they said because I had the shot August 21st that the antibodies are still active for 5 weeks.

I am so devastated about this whole situation.

Mama Massa 36 kids; Tampa, Florida 697 posts
Sep 4th '12

I am so sorry for your loss.

Momma rooo 3 kids; Arizona 307 posts
Sep 4th '12

I am sorry for your loss!

Lucky_me Due June 7; 18 kids; Mattoon, Illinois 1107 posts
Sep 4th '12

Sorry Momma!
I had the same situation with my second pregnany. It should pass quickly however the sad feeling will stay with you for a while. I still get sad every June when his/her due date rolls around. Take a month off and try again, hard to be patient believe me we are working on #3 now and I hate being patient. However i can tell you i am so thankfully for the baby we ended up getting i know i couldnt live without and it sucked so back at the time but so glad for what we got out of it!

user banned Sri Lanka 9777 posts
Sep 4th '12

thank you ladies.

I told my husband they said we could try in 3 weeks and he said are you freakin crazy?! men!

Leonidas' mommy Due October 3; Japan 5 posts
Sep 4th '12

I'm sorry for your loss

P@m3L@!! 20 kids; De Land, Florida 3716 posts
Sep 4th '12

/OMG!!!!!!!!!! im so sorry mama! :( :( >>HUGSSS<<<

MaMa Bella * TTC since Aug 2012; 1 child; Scranton, Pennsylvania 723 posts
Sep 6th '12

Im sorry for your loss :(

Harleys mommy77 Due December 19 (boy); 1 child; Ohio 226 posts
Sep 8th '12

So sorry for your loss. It is a terrible thing to have to go through. You guys can keep trying even if your hubby does think you are crazy to want to try again right away. Good luck to you.