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Sep 18th '12
Quoting Caitlin.Marie:" I went through the exact same situation. And my mother also had my older sister when she was 15. I was ... [snip!] ... baby number 2, Im 5 months. Dont get me wrong its hard being a teen mom but I wouldnt have changed anything about my decisions."

That is awesome!!! It is so good to hear a success story with a teen mom finishing school AND going off to college!! I have yet to hear a teen mom regret their decision to keep their baby. I have a cousin who was raped and got pregnant. She kept the baby, best decision she ever made, according to he. I also have a nephew who is adopted because hid bio mom was a teen mom. We are SOOOOOO thankful to her for giving us a wonderful boy!

Good Luck in everything you do and with the new baby!! I wish more teen moms would follow in your footsteps. Learn from your experiences (no creation from God is a mistake.)