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Aug 30th '12

Dont panic! At first you may get 'baby blues' and think you dont know what your doing but truth is its because everything has changed basically over night and your tired and your new to the parenting thing! I suffered with these but after a few days they go, you'll love being a mum when you get used to it and youll know what hes crying for and what he needs (at first you may be a bit unsure but its just because its new to you, completely normal) and as for labour... Its not THAT bad (this is coming from a 16 year old who had a 36hour labour, spent 3hours pushing and had a 8lbs6oz baby!) I could easily do it all again if I had too, yes its painful but its over before you know it! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and never think your not good enough for your baby! YOU are the only thing that will keep him alive and you'll do a great job of it! Good luck! :D