Jo&M 2 kids; Delaware 3311 posts
Aug 29th '12
Quoting BG Secrets:" that's an interesting approach. I may have to try something like that. He just transitions horribly ... [snip!] ... when we transition to another activity...he freaks out. It makes no sense. It's like, he just wants to be angry to be angry."

That's exactly the problem we were having with DS. Even if it was something he HATED doing, he still screamed about transitioning. He would scream because we had to go to the market, he would scream when we left the market. Ya know.
The chart all but completely stopped it. It sounds like it's something that could def. help you out.

BG Secrets Arizona 4906 posts
Aug 29th '12
Quoting Just Ames:" I agree it's the age. 100% Not long after my Son turned 3, I wanted my "old" son back. He was a spastic ... [snip!] ... to his room because I refuse to watch him being ugly and irrational. When he is calm then we talk. Good luck and god speed."

thank you. i think I will just have to send him to his room for now, and hold the door shut. while I make up a little chart. Its just so frustrating. I'm so frustrated and annoyed and unhappy.

Rose Barranco 19 kids; San Bernardino, California 1017 posts
Aug 29th '12

As I read this tears are streaming down my face . my four year old is exactly the same way and I am feeling guilty because yesterday Ispanked him too..only he didn't care and hit me back.. I am at my wits end with my son.. Itry. time out and he gets up...yesterday Isat with him for close to 20 mins him getting up running putting him back..etc etc.. till I had to go tend to the baby.. I understand completely. how you feel and what you are going through. it's hard and embarrassingly ..I don't even want to to anywhere lately because Idon't know how he's gonna act. making schedules is super hard for us because I have a two month old who is breastfed and an 11 Yr old with epilepsy so ALL of them need attention all at the same time . If it wasn't for the grace of God I have np idea how I. would make it through the day . I know u are anonymous but if u want to talk Iam here.. if anything just so u know someone else understands

LovelyLilMama 1 child; Wyoming 119 posts
Aug 30th '12

My best friends son had major learning delays at 3yrs old. He could barely talk and when he did, he was so hard to understand. He had TERRIBLE tantrums, ALL THE TIME! he was so embarrassing in public... The whole bit. It's been 2 years and with a ton of speech therapy and a structured daycare/school environment he has improved ALOT!! he's like a brand new kid. He still acts out a little bit but it's nothing like it used to be & it's manageable.

It WILL get better and easier.
He will be a functioning and happy member of society one day.
It will take time and a ton of patience.
Be strong. You can do it!!

Never ever forget he is a human, with human emotions, and he feels enough pain already- not being able to function or communicate like everyone else- give him faith that people will accept him one day and not that he is a burden in the world.