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Aug 28th '12


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Aug 28th '12

Idkbut I work at Walmart, and both pregnant people quit working produce quit in their second trimester cause the heavy lifting/pulling pallets was too much

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Aug 28th '12
Quoting MarieRoseAlexa:" I got hired at 25 weeks. My dad told me not to tell the employer I was pregnant, but the employer asked ... [snip!] ... to call it quits? Fill me in please(: No negative and/or smart remarks are needed. All other comments are appreciated, thanks!"

I stayed until two weeks before my due date. For me though I could have stayed for another week since she wasnt here till 3 days after the due date. My work was very reasonable with me. I was a cashier as well, and they let me have a chair at the register, and if I was feeling sick they let me sit down even if it was in the middle of a very busy lunch. I would talk to them and tell them that you are preggo, and you cant be doing this heavy lifting. I asked to go on dish, and they said no because I'm preggo. lol Good luck!!!

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Aug 28th '12

Okay thank you both so much for your incite! (: I'll see what this "produce" title requires and if it's what I think it is I'll talk to the manager about getting switched back to cashier(: