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Aug 28th '12
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Aug 28th '12

there's a lot of factors involved in visitation and schedules set by the courts. I don't know any of the backstory so I'm confused why it's only 1 hr/week and supervised. Obviously, there is a reason but without knowing more, I really am not sure what sort of schedule would be set up. The best advice I can give you is to discuss it at length with your lawyer. They really do know a lot and are usually up to date on the currrent laws of your state.

as far as a standard situation with no issues on either side, visitation is usually every other weekend from 6 pm Friday to 6pm Sunday. 4 weeks in the summer. They don't have to have a seperate room of their own but they do have to have their own bed.

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Aug 28th '12

Like someone else said, theres a lot that goes into visitation,; the judge you get and where you live.
Your questions:
you'd either meet half way or one person would drive to the other house for drop off and opposite for pick up.
As far as over nights, from what i understand, she'd have to have her own room. My BD doesn't get over nights with my daughter so I'm not exactly sure.
As far as unsupervised, theres a huge chance they'd give it to him. You'd REALLY have to prove hes unfit. My daughter hadnt seen her father in nearly 2 years and after TWO supervised visitations he was given unsupervised. I fought but they said theres "no reason he shouldn't or cant have her on his own"

MY BD gets 18 hours a week of unsupervised visitation. She turned 2 in March. and he hadnt been in her life consistently since she was 3 months old.
BUT hes only done 8 hours of visitation in THREE months.. and 4 were supervised by me (because he has an injury (or so he says, i dont believe him) and didnt want to have her on his own)