Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Aug 25th '12

Sounds weird and not safe. How do you know you are getting the actual pill and not a pill with a whole bunch of other drugs in it?

Smokey_Taboo Due April 22; 1 child; California 5480 posts
Aug 25th '12

I got mine for free at planned parenthood, and then they had to give it to me a second time because not everything came out, but it was all free even the pain meds

supermommy☠ 49 kids; California 6967 posts
Sep 1st '12


Quoting Kenniths mama ♥:" a lady on here gave me an abortion website and she used this website to have her abortion ... [snip!] ... im very much so considering this.. its alot to handle and im so broke, and the babys dad wont help"

i found this review on that site for you

"That's a scam site and they send you anti abortion junk mail. Go to planned parenthood and see if they will help you based on your income. Usually for something like that they'll do a donation basis. Good luck!"

Samule Japan 1 posts
Nov 16th '13

how can i get abortion pills