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Aug 23rd '12

My fiance passed away last year. Money has been tight and difficult to come by. I have a lack of babysitters, so I only work 1-3 shifts at work per week. I work at a restaurant, making a little more than minimum wage, and if it's not busy, then my shift gets cut short and I get sent home. I get paid every two weeks, and my last check was for only $98. That doesn't get much for my son and me. My bills each month add up to about $700 a month (we get survivor benefits, but that only covers so much).

I have been STRESSING over this so much. I want to pick up more hours at work, but I don't have the babysitters available. I can't afford to pay anyone, and daycare isn't an option because I can't afford anything. I've gotten other jobs that offered better money, but I ended up quitting a few because they'd hire me, only for me to find out I didn't have enough babysitters to cover my schedules. We get by, but with little extra each month, so pretty much no savings.

I have a big car insurance bill coming up in November, then Christmas, and after that I'll have to save up for a birthday party, plus a Halloween costume, and who knows what else. When my fiance was alive, we had a great income and money wasn't an issue. Now I struggle, and budget, and struggle more.

BUT, my manager recently asked me to take over day shifts at my job. More regular hours, which means bigger checks, and free meals as compensation (otherwise he'd have to hire someone new, and train them, and yadda yadda). Only problem being I have ZERO sitters during day time hours. LUCKILY, I just found out that my sister's neighbor, who runs a daycare, will take my son for only $4 an hour. Then I have a friend who will take him one day for free. I calculated this all up to see how it'd affect my income. I'll be getting about an additional $300 a month. I AM SO STOKED. On top of that, a local bagel place told me they'd be willing to hire me to close down their shop a few shifts a week, so if I did that... that would be even more money (not sure if the hours will work out, but I am hopeful).

Money is such a pain in my ass. Every month something breaks down (I've blown through a quick grand on my car this year, and am supposed to replace my tires by winter... fuhhh), my son needs new shoes or has outgrown his clothes, unexpected medical things (I blew all of our savings on a surgery a few months ago because my insurance didn't cover much). All of the saving I did got spent like it was nothing, and now I've just been out on my luck and stressed as shit over the whole financial thing. So I am absolutely elated that things are looking up, finally! Luckily I potty trained my little guy, so that will save us some money.

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Aug 23rd '12

First of all, I'm so sorry about your fiance passing.

I'm glad things are looking up for you. It sounds like you're a great mom though, doing anything and everything to provide for your son. Do you use resources available in your area for mothers? Like, there are usually places that have free clothes/shoes for kids. That might help a little. I hope things continue to get better for you!!

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Aug 23rd '12

YAY indeed!

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Aug 23rd '12

I totally stalk your post because I think you're amazing. You remind me of my sister who has been through hell and back but now has an amazing life with a great job and a loving family.

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Aug 23rd '12

I totally emphasize with you!!! Except my BD is not Diseased, he's just a dead beat. My condolences to you and your son. I am a single mother to my 11 yr old Autistic daughter. I receive SSI for her, but its not much either. I also work at a restaurant where they do not give me alot of hours, because I cannot keep a sitter. It's hard for me to find someone who can, and will watch her. It never fails. They always quit after a few weeks, claiming one reason or another. And often I can't afford child care, because I do not receive child support. So I'm constantly struggling. At this very moment, I'm in danger of losing my power. I couldn't pay my insurance, so that's cancelled for now. I have little to no gas in my car, and exactly $ 4.00 in my wallet to get me through until the Aug. 29th. I have a job interview today @ 3pm, and hopefully I will get it!! I hope that things turn around for you, and your son, and my daughter and I!!!!