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Aug 21st '12


drunk faith1 1 child; Alabama 10081 posts
Aug 21st '12

If he isn't there for one baby, he won't be there for another.

----&& 2 kids; Scituate, Rhode Island 3903 posts
Aug 21st '12

If he wants to see his son he will see him regardless of the decision you make. He's just spewing empty threats to try and control you. They always use the child as a pawn to get what they want but you do whats right for you and I would also suggest getting a custody agreement so he cant do anything stupid.

♀NoBoysAllowed 19 kids; San Diego, California 51862 posts
Aug 21st '12

Any man who used my child as a pawn in his games would not be welcomed anyhow. I would honestly abort. And, to be frank, my daughters are 13 months apart, and it was f**king hard and trying.

anonymom + 1.5 2 kids; West Virginia 10787 posts
Aug 21st '12

Personal experience says, he wasn't there for the first he won't be there for the second. Sure, people change.

You have to make this decision based solely on what's best for you and your son.

whoknowsx New York, 1185 posts
Aug 22nd '12

You have to do whats best for you and your little boy.

If the father is shady now, he will be shady later. Don't keep the baby because thats what he wants (if its not what you want too).

♥ meow Due March 11; 1 child; Palm Bay, Florida 2368 posts
Aug 22nd '12

Make the best decison for you, not him.
You and your little one of course!

N's Momma☆ 1 child; Spain 2346 posts
Aug 23rd '12

That's tough but you'll get through this. Consider all your options! It might even help to talk things out with a friend or family member if you can. :)