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Aug 21st '12

decided to delete my post, i was just venting......................

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Aug 21st '12

Looks like you brought it on yourself. And haven't been correcting her Ill behavior at this point. Have you thought about taking a parenting class and/or reading about discipline and raising a happy child? I really liked the book 'Dare to Discipline" and another about age appropriate correction. Etc.

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Aug 21st '12
Quoting ~ Boss Lady ~:" I met with my daughters teacher and the pre-school director today. My daughter is showing signs of aggression, ... [snip!] ... recommended that I consult a child psychologist. I feel crushed and upset. She's only 4 (will be 5 in December) :( :("

where do u live in md? my children both attend therapy in pasadena and were evaluated at Mt. Washington pediatric hospital, in baltmore (which was so helpful!)

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Aug 21st '12

Thanks for your responses....