CO Parenting with an Idiot PartyOf5 Due August 3 (girl); 2 kids; New York 549 posts
Aug 20th '12

seriously... how the heck do you do it ! 1 child; Wisconsin 171 posts
Aug 20th '12
Quoting Landon&Jacob's Momma:" seriously... how the heck do you do it !"

Honestly there is very little communication between me and my sons dad. We talk about when he's going to see my son and thats pretty much it. Other then that we go about our lives separately. May not be what works for you but its what works for us.

misanthrope 2 kids; Ramona, California 15431 posts
Aug 20th '12

I have to be bigger person. A lot! It sucks, but the best thing for my kids in the long run.

Megan&&McKenna 1 child; Miles City, Montana 77 posts
Aug 22nd '12

I laughed so hard at the title of this! I'm in the same situation. My BD also has a girlfriend who keeps telling me "we're doing our best". W.T.F. SHE shouldn't be doing anything. It's HIS baby. Anywho. I think you should do what is doing. That's probably what I'll do. While she's still newborn, I'll make sure to keep in tough like every hour, but after that. Seems like a good situation. Don't argue with him. My boss likes to remind me this "Don't argue with an idiot, because after a while, you don't know which one is the idiot." Or something like that. (:

cody mama 1 child; Dryden, Ontario 2695 posts
Aug 23rd '12

ugh i dont co-parent at all ..
BD hasnt seen our child in forever .. apparently he moved to the states and got married to his internet gf in july but he's moved back to canada to work so he can help her pay off her fine :roll: